Welcome To the LMAO Revolution!

LMAOing > LOL.

The LMAO Revolution!
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Welcome to the LMAO Revolution. The home for all hardcore LMAO'ers who like LMAO'ing.

Community Rules:

1)No LMAO bashing. It's simple...If you don't like LMAO, don't join. Don't Join to bash LMAO, or to say it's immiture, pointless, or whatever. If ya do, this will be your user name:

2)This is not a cheep plug community, so don't come to advertise.

3)Show off your LMAO graphics as often as you want, but:
*All work must be original, or properly credited and linked to the creator.
*Use a Live Journal Cut for really long posts. *(exceeding 5 or more graphics)Need help on Lj-Cuts? Click here.

4) Have Fun! LMAO!

Join and Link in your Journal!
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